Tuesday, March 3, 2015

The last of our Spring roses

Hello dear friends!
It seems forever since I posted something to share
but I have been pre-occupied in creating
a custom order for a fabric journal
which I hope to share with you
in the near future
in the meantime I just wanted to show you
these glorious roses while they are
still lasting in our garden
as Autumn approaches.

 Sadly these images are mostly grainy
for some reason and I was unable to locate my edited photos
So here we are - sometimes things don't go just as we plan
 as what happens in real life
nonetheless you get the idea of just how amazing
this Pierre de Ronsard rose is


 and coupled with these laces


it as if they were meant to go together!

I have been asked about the growth habit of this gorgeous rose
so I have posted a couple of images.
As you can see it is a climber (not too rampant)
and has a very soft fragrance.  It dries well,
holds it shape well
but fades in color after a few weeks.

The bud is a very pale white to pink color
with a tinge of green around the edges
and that is what makes it so


So enjoy for now and I shall be back soon!


 I hope your week is going well!
Be kind to yourself and those
you love!
Thank you so much for taking the time to visit
and to all those who sent gifts and wishes 
to me for my recent Birthday - bless you!

Saturday, February 21, 2015

More Fabric Destashing! and New Needlekeep

Whilst creating this new little needle keep

I kept thinking about all the fabric that still needed
to be sorted so I could let another lot leave my
decided to create 4 more fabric packs using these gorgeous
pastel Spring prints of roses, pansies, dots
and paisley.

 These images give you an idea of the quality of these cottons -
I'm sure Robyn Pandolph by Moda
is one brand name that many of you may know!

I have had these fabrics in my stash now
for at least 12 years or more

 and they are still as beautiful as ever, however,
there is a limit to just how much one can 
use (I'm slowly discovering!!! lol!).

Just thinking how well co-ordinated these
fabrics really are 

and how beautifully they would look in a crazy quilt
or any project that would lend itself
to this range of soft colors! 

I'm not sure that I will ever get over my fabric hoarding passion
but at least I have the choice to let others use some of it too!

 I remember well purchasing this one
and thinking how beautiful the background
was woven behind the pink roses in a duck egg blue shade.
It is in fact a Japanese fabric
this one also with
the pretty pansy arrangement


with the pansies and leaves being outlined in gold.
Any way I still have 3 packs left in my 

Enjoy my friends! 
Treasure the days, the hours and even more, the moments!
I'll be back soon!
xox Suzy

Thursday, February 19, 2015

A Vintage Lace Necklace

A new project has been mulling around in my head
for the last couple of weeks and so now 
that it has become manifest
I thought you may
like to see this.


 It is a vintage lace necklace, collar or bib -
depending on how you see it -
above it is displayed 
against some deep burgundy silk velvet

and the many layers of vintage and new
lace pieces have been collaged 

shaped onto some soft white felt


and embellished with several pieces of jewellery
including a vintage cameo, a satin ribbon rose,
a fashioned silk rose (also by me), some
vintage buttons, lace beaded applique and mother of pearl


and it ties with a length of soft cream sari ribbon.

You can find this in my Etsy shop as it is
now for sale! 
I'm linking this post to What's It Wednesday at 
Ivy and Elephants blog with Patti and Paula.


For those of you who knew JoAnna Pierotti
a most beautiful inspirational woman and
mixed media artist of Mosshill Studio
it is with much sadness I wish to inform you 
that she has just passed away
after her journey with breast cancer.
We send our love and prayers to her family. 

xox Suzy

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

More Vintage Keepsakes and a Vintage Clutch

Sharing with you today some new items
just completed using some
beautiful vintage linen from my collection.

Firstly this clutch created from a magnificently hand embroidered
satin stitch tray cloth.
The stitching is truly beautiful!

This image shows the neatness of this satin stitching.

I have added some exquisite wedding lace which I have
owned for approx. 15 years. 

Now sold!

Also are two more vintage jewellery/card keepsakes.

From this cut lace linen doily

I added two more smaller embroidered linen doilies
to create this trifold holder.

 Embellished on the back with two butterflies
the next one I created from a lovely ecru cut lace tray cloth.

 If you want to know more about these with more images
then visit my Etsy shop where they are now
available for sale!

 Thank you so much once again dear bloggers for
leaving such lovely comments on my
Grow Your Blog party post for 
I am so grateful to you.
So nice to meet such a wonderful group of new bloggers 
into the world of blogland!
I am sure new friendships are being initiated.

xox Suzy
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